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Chocolate Chip

Thanks to Ruth Wakefield in 1938 the chocolate chip cookie has become a staple favorite in almost every state in the US.

At TMB, we offer our chocolate chip cookies in a variety of different chips and add-ins.  Customize yours today.

Available in Jumbo size

(& in mini size but only by the dozen).


Sugar Cookies

Another classic everyone enjoys. Sprinkles, glaze, decorated with icing- we will let you decide.

Available in many sizes.

*gluten free and vegan also available


Pinwheel Cookies

These cookies have no exact invention date, but they made a comeback during the Great Depression as ice boxes became more avaailable.

These are a classic cookie that is making a comeback. 

Available in many flavors and in jumbo or mini sizes.


Oatmeal Cookies

These oatmeal cookies are soft, chewy and hard to resist. Get them plain, with raisins, chocolate chips or nuts.



Also known as Snipdoodles, these have been around since 1891 & were first made by Cornelia Campbell Bedford.  

Gingerbread Cookies


It surprised me to discover that Queen Elizabeth I is accredited to the first gingerbread man. & Although gingerbread can be traced back to both ancient Greece & Egypt, it is an art form to many Eastern countries. So much so that Lyon in France had gingerbread baking guilds sanctioned by the government, starting in the Middle Ages. 

Our gingerbread are custom spiced with our in house made Lebkuchengewuerz, that we make specifically for this cookie.

Try them plain or iced-in any fashion, not just for winter holidays.


Sugar Cookies

Delicious Sugar Cookies with sprinkles, glaze, decorated with icing- we will let you decide.

*gluten free and vegan also available



These are known all over Estern Europe in many forms of the same name & are very popular around Christmas time.

It is one of our family favorites. 

They are available in many flavors and sizes.


Peanut Butter Cookies

These peanut butter cookies are rich with a hint of sea salt on top. Add chocolate chips or toffee bits.

*gluten free and vegan also available


Butter Moon Cookies

Grandma's favorite to make was our favorite to eat! This buttery soft almond cookie is usually dusted in powdered sugar but you can customize your order today.


Butterscotch Shortbread

These are soft shortbread cookies with pieces of both butterscotch chips and toffee pieces throughout.


Lemon Rosemary Shortbread

These Shortbread cookies have fresh rosemary and lemon zest incorporated throughout the dough. It's light, buttery & zesty- great on a summer day.



These delicate cookies are a nice treat with tea.

Available in many flavors.

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